Oh là là! Paris!

It had been a while since I last visited this gorgeous city. My first time was circa 2008 and I was captivated by its timeless beauty and class, as much as I am now. Things hadn't changed much at simple glance, but I had. And not only I had changed, but now I was visiting this amazing city with one of my long-time best friends Marcy Yu.

Yep! these two girls tripping around Europe, were ready to hit the city of lights in our most Parisienne and glamorous style. Catching up with @marcy_yu in Barcelona after almost a year without seen her due to her travels, was incredibly fun and involved we did lots of partying, walking, meeting friends and adventures that almost got us arrested (that's tale for another day!). Now in Paris, it was about time to enjoy our last few days before heading back home to the tropics.

Believe it or not, we spent most of our time in restaurants and in our hotels, but such amazing hotels! You shall understand in a minute...

Today I'm sharing which were these amazing places, highlights and recommendations of this short, but unforgettable stay.

Entrance of the Buddha Bar Hotel, Paris.

1. The Welcoming: The Buddha Bar Hotel Paris experience.

Oriental vibes invade you the minute you step at the entrance. The multi-award-winning Buddha Bar Hotel Paris is a wonderful escape in the city with a captivating, vibrant and colorful style, yet true to the Parisian classic taste.

After a long trip, arriving to this five-star hotel was a delight. No need to mention we slept like queens that night, and every night after that. Every aspect of our stay was highlighted by an attentive staff who did nothing more than pampering us from the first bonjour to the very last à bientôt.

Buddha Bar Hotel, Paris.

2. The Blue Elephant.

The Thai culinary ambassador made our first dinner in Paris memorable. Eight stunning restaurants in seven countries, and we happened to be in one of them. RSVP please! The Blue Elephant did not disappoint in teleporting us to a little village in Thailand within its cozy interiors and even less in delighting our palate.

I was caught off-guard just arriving to Paris that night. No pics for this one, but trust me they are not needed. Anything you can or can't understand from the menu, order it! It will be worth it.

View from L´Oiseau Blanc rooftop restaurant at The Peninsula Hotel.

3. L´Oiseau Blanc @ The Peninsula Paris

What is better than admiring the Eiffel Tower in Paris?

Admiring it from the rooftop of one of Paris' most elegant and exceptional restaurants while enjoying a full course meal! Inspired on the typical French cuisine, its plats highlight the best of French products with an ever-changing menu based on seasonal ingredients.

The aviation-motifs interior decor pays homage to flight experts Charles Nungesser and François Coli, who tried to cross the Atlantic in 1927 from Le Bourget. The breath-taking panoramic view captivated us upon arrival and kept us looking forward to see that sunset over the city. We spent a whole afternoon at the fascinating L´Oiseau Blanc in the Peninsula Hotel Paris. Looking forward to stay next time ; )

Lunch at L´Oiseau Blanc @ The Peninsula Hotel, Paris.

Strike a pose at the entrance of the Saint James Paris: Relais & Châteaux, upon arrival.

4. Saint James Paris: Relais & Châteaux

Majestic falls short to describe the elegance of grandiose Saint James Paris Hotel where we were treated as queens the moment we crossed the front door. Queens as in: "I-don't-even-have-to-carry-my-purse-to-my-room" level of queendom. The pleasant stay we needed on the final countdown to take our trip back home. Their motto: "all is possible", and they'll make it happen with a friendly smile on their face.

We also had the pleasure to meet the real owner of Saint James Paris Hotel: (drumroll please)... and that is Pilou ! a black-furred feline, nothing less than royal, who will come in to the reception to check out the new guests and make sure they are apt to even step into his royal mansion. We were lucky to pass the inspection! Google him. He is real.

Saint James Paris: Relais & Châteaux.

Restaurant Le Cinq at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris.

5. Le Cinq @ Four Seasons Hotel George V

As if it wasn't enough to spend an afternoon admiring the beautiful city landscape in the most enjoyed-ever eternal lunch, the very next day we headed to the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, a historical eight-floored building, built in 1928 that redefines luxury and glamour in its own terms.

The gastronomical feast offered by its restaurant Le Cinq (number five) is as splendorous as it can be, especially when enjoyed in the hotels gardens and terraces, proudly reminding us why they are the first luxury hotel in Europe to be home to three Michelin-starred restaurants for a total of 5 stars.

Decor at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris.

6. Titty Twister: a night out in Paris.

When you are going out to the place called Titty Twister, you are bound to have a good time!

I was surprised to listen to so much pop and urban music (like Drake, Future, etc.) in contrast to so much electronic-influenced music usually heard in clubs (the urban music style was actually pretty common to hear everywhere from cab rides to stores). I was even more surprised not to hear reggaeton in Paris. #Blessed.

With one my fav drinks in the making, the Moscow Mule (that seduced me in Berlin), came a fire-full experience, for real. The bar was lit on fire (no metaphors here!) and the drink on point to get it going! Marcy learned some new Parisienne dance moves. Ask her to show you! Me?... nah! I already knew them ; )

*Disclaimer: no titties were twisted or harmed during this partying or making of these drinks.

Night out at Titty Twister.

7. Le Chalet Savoyard: The Last Supper

Wine and cheese is too much of expertise subject for the French, as we all know! With a cold weather outside, all we could crave for was some nice wine in a cozy spot, and we found it! The Chalet Savoyard is a must-go classic when in Paris.

Enjoy the finest wine and a famous raclette! Imagine having melting cheese ready to serve, all dinner long! We chose two different types of cheese (they are huge) to enjoy along with charcuterie and palate seducing treats.

By the way, this amazing place is only open only during winter time and needs to be booked in advance. Yep, wait until you freeze, then go!

Enjoying a raclette @ Le Chalet Savoyard. Cheese melting and dripping everywhere.

This trip sure wouldn't have been as amazing without the hospitality of gents: Julien and Godefroy, who kindly showed us the best of their beautiful city. I came back home with awesome memories and a few extra pounds of cheek, all welcome and I surely hope to go back sometime... soon!

PS: Maybe you just wanna read this story again in Spanish and check out another set of pictures ;)

Plus! enjoy some French music I discovered recently. Surprise playlist, for a change.

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